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Cuckoo’s farm

Proje tanımı

This project aims to teach good environmental practices in a rural setting and a protected area
The project is developed in harmony and cooperation with the local community allowing to know the traditions and the local culture
These activities allow for interaction between the volunteers and the local community through simple tasks performed by volunteers, which develop sustainable agricultural practices and livestock production
The volunteers will participate in the activities, being integrated in groups of youth members, with whom they will collaborate in the following tasks:
Composting System; Production of farm products (biological); Feeding the animals, take them to the pastures, maintenance of fences and stables, to milk, make cheese and bread; Participate in local campaing actions of cleaning forest
The volunteers will be accommodated in Bezerra's Ecological Residence
The food is provided to volunteers by the local service (3 daily meals) prepared by Vertigem’ cook

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