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EVS in Zavod Bob Slepa Ulca (Dead End) project

Project description

Slepa Ulca or Dead End is one of Zavod Bob's projects that started as a part of the project called PDCAE – Program for Developing Competences for Autonomous Employment. Trough the program the group started to operate autonomously and it's organizing public cultural events - pop up horror shows(haunted house shows). The purpose of project is to gain competences and create autonomous employments for young people. We are running our next pop up show in June 2018. We are searching for foreign volunteer to join and cooperate in all stages of project development: help with planning (content and logistics) of events, help with realization of events, help with FB and Instagram administration, help in setting up the show physically and cooperate in theater workshops and act in the shows. Technical/carpenter skills are also welcome. You can read more about the project on: https://www.facebook.com/slepaulca/ or http://hisa-strahov.si/

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