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Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti Birimi

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Cultural Recreational and Sporting Activities

Proje tanımı

Exchange of knowledge, skills and ideas is the key to spread and confirm the idea for protecting the nature in Europe. 
Volunteers participating in this project will be integrated in groups with members of Vertigem specialised in the different areas, who will give all the specific technical support for the different activities. They will have the chance to learn and develop their skills and competences in technical areas, such as flora, fauna, environment protection, environmental education, recycling and cartography. 
They wil also have linguistic training and support troughout all the project.
Accommodation is in mountain shelter and food is prepared by the staff of the host organisation, at weekends and hollydays volunteers can use the flat rent by the hosting organisation in the close city (Porto de Mós). 

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