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Animator+ in Culture Center in Michalowo

Proje tanımı

The Culture Center in Michałowo- “GOK” is a municipal Cultural institution. We operate in the few premises and just recently had open professional audio/visual studio. We want to involve the volunteer in all our regulary activites and propose the following tasks:
- support in all regulary activites, workshops and events
- support in preparation of cultural events and music festivals, exhibitations, conference etc.
- support in administrative tasks (like creating posters, flyers, actualization on Facebook and websitem)
- organisaiton of indoor and outdoor activities for children (during summer holidays)
- conducting own workshops in fields of arts, theatre, sound and music, photography, film, handicraft)
- support activities in the village centres by organizing games for kids and hand-made art activities
- support handicraft workshops in the Local product center in Sokole [CPL]
- creating own events, circles of interests for kids, youngsters and/or adults.

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