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Volunteer for 4H Association in Konnevesi, Finland

Proje tanımı

We are looking for two volunteers for versatile tasks in municipality of Konnevesi.

Konnevesi 4H Association offers free-time activities, clubs, trainings, work, entrepreneurship, internationality and trips for young people aged 6-28. The volunteer will be working with subjects mentioned above, for example with youngsters in the local youth center. The volunteer can also can have his/her own club with themes of internationality and multiculturalism (or something else fitted the volunteer's own interests) for youngsters.The volunteers will also make posters and plan events/activities in the office of Konnevesi 4H Association. 

The volunteer will also have tasks with the students of the schools in Konnevesi. The volunteers will have tasks for after-school activities with children and youngsters of all ages. The volunteers can also work in local kindergarten. The volunteers will work for the municipality's free-time office for event planning/management and office work.

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