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Volunteering in NGO, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Proje tanımı

We are currently looking for two volunteers for the project EVS that will be held in the Czech Republic in Ostrava.We'll apply this project to deadline in October. Volunteers will be working in our NGO and they will be involved in all activities we do. Volunteers will help with organising activities for our local community, with preparing and organising international projects for young people and youth workers, they will help with promotion of our activities and they will also prepare activities for kids in primary school we cooperate with. Volunteers will have many opportunities to realise their own activities and miniprojects. They will also help with preparing some activities for our local catholic church parish that we are in very close cooperation with, so we expect volunteers who have positive attitude to Christianity. We will give them opportunity to learn, what does it mean to work in NGO, how to work with different target groups, how to organise projects and many others.

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