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Volunteering in primary school and kindergarten

Proje tanımı

We are looking for a volunteers (for the project which we'll apply to deadline in October) who want to learn how to work with childer at the age from 6 till 15, or with younger children. Our EVS project that we'll coordinate will take part in primary school and kindergarten in Staré Město, small village near Frýdek-Místek and Ostrava.. Although it is connected with formal educational system, volunteers will be working with children mainly in their leisure time, in the aftenoon school club. 
Working tasks:
- preparing small activities for breaks or free time between lessons
- helping with after school tutoring
- preparing some workshop for school clubs
- helping young children with moving in the school
- preparing different events
- helping with the programme in kindergarten with children at the age from 3 years old
-join some events of coordinating organization Trendum, o.p.s.

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