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Proje tanımı

Evangelisches Jugendwerk Bezirk Reutlingen (ejr) is working in the City of Reutlingen and ist region. A city that oozes style, culture and charme offers visitors a mixture of traditions and modern life. This former imperial town has a florishing centre of commerce and the Swabian Alb right on its door step. Vibrant and cosmopolitan you will discover everything you want in a city: from quiet corners to scintillating shopping areas to pulsating cultural activities., a capital in the region. In the south of Stuttgart, about 30 km, with a interntaional Airport. In this city and region we do church based youth work within parishes, organisations and groups. We want to make church attractively for young people. We want young humans can arrange and change their church active. We create free spaces for them, in whom they develope their possibilities and strength. Our EVS-volunteer participates in four to five of our projects and is an active part of ejr support staff team.

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